How to deal with water heater leaking?

To start with, water heater leaking is a serious issue that can frequently be tough to repair. What is more, this causes unexpected costs to one’s budget. On top of that, it is important to consult a certified plumbing company. Again, it will conduct a check for you and discover if you have a faulty tank. Consequently, we asked experienced plumbers from Haynes Plumbing to give us tips for dealing with water heater leaking.

The most common water heater leaking causes

First, as the leaking tank is a problem, you need to turn off the water by closing the shut-off valve. If the leak is somewhere at the top of the water heater, it can be easily fixed. However, when the leaking is more complex, more time and knowledgeable plumbers are essential. So, as soon as you call, a team of licensed and well-coordinated plumbing technicians locates the leak and assesses how alarming it truly is.

For instance, if the hot water outlet and cold water inlet are problematic, leaks appear. That is why they use a special pipe wrench to secure the connections. But, before doing so, it is vital to be sure that a water heater doesn’t have power. Also, the drain valve can get loose. Thus, plumbers can just tighten or replace it.  

Another issue may happen with the temperature and pressure relief valve that releases steam or water. So, if it gets stuck, a professional plumber can deal with excessive pressure, temperature, and leaks. However, if insulation materials that cover the internal area of the water heater tank start leaking, it is a serious issue. So, plumbers replace a water heater. Additionally, this defect is a non-repairable sign of deterioration.

In brief, Haynes Plumbing supports regular water heaters maintenance. What is more, this is the most secure way to prevent costly plumbing services and critical situations. So, you can change the anode once a year, drain the water heater, and wipe the tank exterior, water connections, and valves. Hence, for all water issues feel free to get in touch with Haynes Plumbing at (202) 588-1884 24/7.