Have you ever used trenchless sewer line repair?

Trenchless sewer line repair is one of the possible solutions for damaged drainage pipes. Also, this is a minimally-invasive technique. What is more, there are no major trenches or digging. Finally, professional plumbers from Haynes Plumbing shared the main characteristics of trenchless sewer line repair.

Four popular models of trenchless sewer line repair

  1. Slip lining technique – A professional plumber inserts one diameter pipe into the damaged pipe and fills the surrounding area with grout.
  2. Pipe bursting method – A technician replaces the damaged pipe using a special winch with a bursting head that pulls a new pipe into the old one.
  3. Brush coating and spray lining technique – It includes brushing or spraying a flexible polymer onto the the problematic pipe.
  4. Structural pipe lining method – A new pipe is created within the old and damaged one by inserting an epoxy-soaked liner. However, the plumber removes it after several hours. Then, the old pipe looks as good as a new one.

Main benefits of trenchless sewer line repair

Do you know about the benefits of this plumbing technique? Did you get in touch with plumbing contractors?

We have picked the main benefits of trenchless sewer line repair, and briefly explained each one of them.

  • It’s faster than traditional techniques. – Usually, the plumbing issue can be solved in one day.
  • It’s less invasive than old plumbing methods. – Sewer line repair activities include minimal digging and damaging sewer pipes that are underground. Frequently, just a pair of minor pits is enough to access the problematic pipe.
  • This is an efficient service. – The solution to the problem is fast and all needed works are as efficient as traditional sewer line repair methods.
  • It ensures long-lasting solutions. – Plumbers claim that trenchless sewer line repair is not a fast fix. It guarantees the most optimal results for many decades.
  • It’s not as expensive as it seems. – Although a lot of people claim that this plumbing service is costly, it’s not. Also, costs of all works are less than with traditional methods.

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