What you should know about sewer line repair and replacement?

Once or many times, every homeowner can be in a position to experience problems with the sewer line in his house. Sewer line repair and replacement services are two possible kinds of sewer services that are frequently needed. What is different is the time and expected costs needed to finalize each of the sewer services combined with the cost of plumbers’ work and plumbing material. We asked experienced plumbers from Haynes Plumbing to tell us about sewer services, so continue reading if you want to learn more about sewer line replacements and repair.

What is a sewer line repair?

It is needed when a minor issue, a crack or clog, pops up with the sewer line. The cost of this plumbing service is smaller compared with a sewer line replacement because only one smaller part of the sewer line is serviced.

What is a sewer line replacement?

This is a plumbing service needed when a more serious issue appears, so it demands greater servicing time and budget.

What can cause sewer line damage?

A lot of factors are responsible for sewer line damages. It is vital to be aware of each of them and give your best to prevent serious issues with your sewer lines. Regular checking and maintenance are two proven ways of preventing and overcoming the possible problems with sewer lines in your house. However, think carefully about these things:

Tree roots – a common reason for sewer lines’ damage since they grow along water sources and wrap around sewer pipes. Also, they can break into pipes, clog them, and weaken structures.

Clogged pipes – are a problem if paper towels, food wrappers, or other items that don’t disintegrate like human waste or toilet paper are flushed. That is why pipes get clogged and congested. Although a lot of people try to use a drain cleaning liquid to solve this issue, it is usually not enough. Only professional plumbers know the procedure and use the proven techniques and special tools to unclog the drain.

Cold temperatures – can affect the sewer pipes, especially if the weather is frequently changeable. That is why the water inside sewer lines freezes and expands, and the accumulated ice makes the pipe burst.

Pipes’ corrosion – is a problem when corrosion is untreated and leaks and cracks appear. Frequently, a sewer line repair is needed, but in some more serious cases, the only possible solution is a pipe replacement.

What are the most common sewer line repair services?

  1. Cable cleaning – is a way of routine sewer line maintenance done with a special spinning cable with blades that helps every drainage system runs smoothly. The procedure involves cutting through roots to clear minor drains. In this way, sewer lines are cleaned from obstructions, roots, blockages, and therefore returned to the original diameters. Cable cleaning is ideal for increasing a flow.
  2. Hydrojetting – includes a special camera that allows the sewer line repair technician to be in a position to detect and see what he is cutting through. In this way, every plumber can focus on the most problematic areas since hydrojetting is based on using a high-powered water jet that cuts through debris and roots. What is more, all dirt is washed and grease buildup removed through this sewer line repair procedure.
  3. Pipe replacement – it is inevitable when a pipe has collapsed or been destroyed by tree roots. This plumbing service is more serious and more expensive for the homeowner. Also, more time is needed for its finalization and all pipe replacement works have to be carefully planned. Well-organized plumbers use a special camera to explore the problematic pipe and find the affected area. In this way, plumbing technicians can carefully and precisely detect what has to be done, where, and how deep to dig. Pipe replacement includes tearing up the yard, sidewalk, and all other areas.

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