Top 5 Plumbing Tools In A Plumbing Kit

Every experienced plumber knows that having the right plumbing tools in his plumbing kit can make jobs faster and easier. What is more, with appropriate plumbing tools each plumbing service is effective and smoother. That is why Haynes Plumbing team plumbers shared with us the list of top 5 plumbing tools.

Importantly, here is the list of the top 5 plumbing tools.

1.Plumbing tools No. 1 – wrenches in a plumbing kit

To start with, wrenches are a crucial component for performing pipe work. Moreover, they are used to both tighten and loosen pipe connections. Plus, wrenches come in numerous shapes, sizes, and use cases. However, 2 basic wrench kinds are adjustable and fixed. In this way, adjustable wrenches fit the different bolt, pipe, and nut sizes. On the other hand, fixed wrenches come in a set with some other wrenches in standard or metric sizes. So, fixed wrenches have a set jaw that can fit onto a specific connection.

2.Plumbing tools No. 2 – PVC Pipe Cutters in a plumbing kit

Second, PVC pipe cutters resize water lines and smaller plastic pipes.  In addition, it is advisable to buy PVC pipe cutters with special stainless steel blades. Also, they are stronger, corrosion-resistant, and lighter. But, PVC pipe cutters need to be sharp, so the owner has to sharpen the cutting edges regularly.

3.Plumbing tools No.3 – Hacksaws in a plumbing kit

Third, hacksaws enable plumbers to accurately and swiftly cut through all plumbing items, including pipes. Knowing that cutting is a well-known way to fit pipes within different spaces and areas, hacksaw blades are prone to breaking. So, it’s advisable to have extra blades on hand.

4.Plumbing tools No. 4 – Pliers in a plumbing kit

Fourth, pliers are a vital element of a plumbing kit since they are adjustable and fit in tight spaces. However, beginners work with pliers in cases where they have to use wrenches. So, it leads to damaging pipes and stripping nuts. However, it is advisable to purchase insulated pliers with a specially grooved handle.

5.Plumbing tools No. 5 – Propane Torches in a plumbing kit

Fifth, plumbers should carry a gas torch to solder and fix copper piping. In this way, propane torches apply the necessary heat to the connections and ends of copper pipes.

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