Top 5 Everyday Plumbing Issues

To start with, plumbing issues range from inexpensive and minor to really serious and expensive ones. So, knowing that smaller plumbing issues can easily become big troubles, plumbing work is always a good choice. Whereas some plumbing issues are relatively smooth to deal with using basic tools, others require calling for professional help. That is why we discussed with experienced plumbers from Haynes Plumbing to give us a list of the most common 5 plumbing issues that people frequently have trouble with. Plus, these well-coordinated plumbers told us more about their causes and how to fix them.

Plumbing issue No. 1 – Dripping faucets

This is really one of the most frequent plumbing issues that cause both the waste of water and pushing up water bills. Plus, a faucet that drips can drip away hundreds of gallons in a year. Usually, faucets drip because of stiff, torn, dislodged, or worn internal washers. However, dripping faucets can be easily fixed by individuals with some basic DIY skills. In this way, one can switch off and disassemble the faucet, and replace the faulty washer. Finally, the faucet is reassembled swiftly.

Plumbing issue No. 2 – Slow draining sinks

To start with, a blockage that restricts water flow may cause this issue. Typically, both kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks can face this problem because of congealed fat, food remnants, soap, shower gels, or knotted hair. Therefore, a plunger, baking soda, vinegar, or chemical clog remover can help. However, this issue has to be fixed instantly to avoid a completely blocked sink.

Plumbing issue No. 3 – Running toilet

Frequently, a running toilet is a costly issue since up to 200 gallons of water are lost on daily basis. So, this problem is a result of a faulty flapper valve that is in charge of the water that passes from the tank to the bowl. Moreover, toilet runs are caused by sediment that affects flushing and filling. However, running toilets can be easily fixed using a toilet repair kit found at a hardware store.

Plumbing issue No. 4 – Faulty water heater

First, this water issue is discovered in the shower when the water in a second goes cold. Therefore, there are many culprits for this issue.  But, build-up sediment in the tank is one of the biggest. What is more, the thermostat may bring problems with a water heater. So, it is advisable that a professional plumber inspects the water heater and solves the issue.

Plumbing issue No. 5 – Clogged toilet

In the beginning, a clogged toilet is an issue connected with a completely filled-up toilet that doesn’t drain away. In this way, a blockage is a result of a mixture of human waste and paper. As a result, clogged toilets have to be fixed by a certified plumber. Plus, he uses special plumbing tools that guarantee fast and smooth problem-solving.

If you come across any of the above-mentioned or some other plumbing issues, feel free to call Haynes Plumbing at (202) 588-1884. What is more, a team of experienced plumbers is ready to help in case of any plumbing emergency 24/7.