4 Signs Of A Sump Pump’s Malfunctioning

Sump pumps are crucial as protection from extensive water damage, flooded areas in the house, and, finally, sudden costs. Their lifespan is influenced by how often are they used, the cycles’ runtime, and the volume of the water that sump pumps have to displace. As a homeowner, you have to monitor and replace the pump every 7-10 years to avoid any of the above-mentioned situations. We asked the experienced plumbers from Haynes Plumbing to tell us how to be sure and recognize that our sump pump needs to be replaced.

  • Check if your sump pump is constantly running – If you notice that your sump pump always runs, despite the actual water level and weather condition, this may be one of the signs that your pump has some issues. Professionals claim that improper sump pump size may be crucial for endless pump running – too small pumps are unable to handle the volume water, whereas too big pumps are forced to work much harder. What is more, the sump pump may be constantly running because of the problems with a float switch that is stuck in the “on” position. When it is jammed or somehow entangled, the sump pump continues to run.
  • Listen to the noise that your sump pump makes – If you notice rattling or gurgling sounds that are too loud, something might be wrong. Pay attention that older pumps are usually louder because they are primarily made of plastic or PVC materials, whereas modern and top-quality ones make only minimal operating noise. In case that a sump pump’s motor is very loud, its life is close to the end. If the impeller is faulty, it will rattle. And, if the pump is installed improperly, you will witness unusual and loud noise.
  • Check if your sump pump is clogging – From the moment the pump’s discharge line is clogged, you will notice the floodwater rush back down the pipe. If debris makes problems, the sump pump will turn on and struggle to completely empty the basin’s water. Be prepared that uncovered sump pumps’ basin accumulate grit during the time.
  • Your sump pump is ‘a senior’ – You have to be prepared that older pumps can easily fail. Pay attention to replacing your pump on time that is not greater than a decade of functioning. That is an optimal time to make a pump start degrading and failing after almost 10 years of efficient and satisfactorily functioning.

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