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Emergency Plumber in Washington, DC

Dear friends, we are Haynes Plumbing, the first-class plumbing service provider in the areas of Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia for over 20 years. As soon as you notice any emergency plumbing issue, be sure that we can help you. We know that plumbing problems are stressful and can bring about immediate consequences. Our experienced plumbers advise you to react instantly and call us to provide a remedy to any plumbing problem before it becomes much worse. You may need our emergency plumber in Washington DC in several situations.

The most common of them are in case you notice the signs of:

  • Clogged sewer line – this can lead to severe problems that need emergency plumbing services. Usually, wipes, paper towels, or other hygiene products cause clogs in the main sewer line. Therefore, none of these should ever be flushed down the toilet. In case of serious clogs, the sewer system may back up into the home.
  • Washing machine hose leak – when you notice collected water under the washing machine or any signs of dripping, it signals that there is a leak in the hose. The faster you replace it, the fewer problems in the future you will have, since water damage can cause a washing machine to malfunction as well.
  • Burst pipes – emergencies with pipes can happen anytime, but they are more frequent in winter. Burst pipes can release gallons of water in a short time and make serious damage to your home. If you notice a burst pipe, shut off the main water supply and call us for emergency service.
  • Pipes that leak – Leaky pipes start as a minor and unnoticed drip, and then rapidly develop into a serious problem.
  • Overflowing toilet – This may be caused by a damaged float mechanism or clogs. Before you call for our emergency service, turn off the water supply in the toilet to prevent even more serious problems.

We are Haynes Plumbing, a certified plumbing company you can rely on 24/7. Our well-organized plumbers are available and ready to help you resolve any emergency plumbing issue in Washington, DC, and avoid making more costly ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (202) 588-1884, our professional plumbing help will come instantly.

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