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Our professional plumbers are ready to provide all kinds of commercial and residential plumbing works.

Our teams are experienced in repairing septic and sewer systems.

A leaking water heater emergency is one of the most common issues.

As soon as you detect that something is wrong with your boiler, react immediately.

Commerical Plumbing

Adequate functioning of your plumbing is one of the most important things for the regular functioning of your business or property. We don’t make a difference between two clients, or two plumbing services! For our plumbers at Haynes Plumbing, every service is important!

Haynes Plumbing is on your side to instantly solve any plumbing issue and get swiftly your business back on the right track!

Haynes Plumbing Specialize In:

Haynes Plumbing Specialize In:

Restaurant and Food Services maintenance and repair

Fire Hydrant testing and maintenance

Backflow Testing

New plumbing installations for restaurants and food service

Water and gas leak detection and repair

Drain Cleaning

Emergency Service

Restaurant Kitchen Sinks

Washing Machine Hookups

Water Lines/Pipes Installation

Lift Station Maintenance

Drain cleaning, video inspections

Sprinkler system installation and maintenance

Apartment and Office Building repair and maintenance

School plumbing repair and maintenance

Grease trap plumbing and replacement

Sewer line replacement

Commercial Dishwashers

Ice-maker Lines

Backflow Preventer Testing

Property Renovation

Water Conservation

We come, detect, and immediately resolve your problem!
Call Haynes Plumbing for any commercial or residential plumbing service – maintenance and repairs!




Licensed Plumber Maryland
Licensed Home Improvement
Licensed Plumber District of Columbia (Wash., DC)
Licensed Gas District of Columbia (Wash., DC)
Licensed Gas Maryland


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