How to choose a plumber?

Choosing the right plumber is not easy at all. As a homeowner, you want to have a professional whom you can rely on and get in touch 24/7 to manage any problem in a record time. So, deciding about the most adequate plumber is serious and Haynes Plumbing shared with us some general tips which can help us make this choice as close to perfection as it can be.

If you have a chance to talk with a plumber before you decide to hire him and his company, think about some of the ideas listed below and check several things that we suggested.

Go through clients’ reviews – check the opinions of other people before you opt for a plumber

  • Go through clients’ reviews – check the opinions of other people before you opt for a plumber
  • Take into consideration licensed plumbers only
  • Be ready to work with plumbers who can give proof of insurance
  • Discuss with a plumber about his experience and finalized projects
  • See if the plumber is ready to give an accurate estimate of the future work charge for solving the plumbing issue
  • Talk about the guarantees of your satisfaction with his work

When you have a chance to speak with the plumber, ask him:

How much will he charge for fixing the plumbing issue? – Phone conversations may be tricky. Plumbers who are experienced professionals usually do not say the exact price before they visit the place and objectively estimate the plumbing issue. They are ready to add new expenses in case some additional parts are necessary to finalize the repair. That is why you should always speak with your plumber if his price includes both labor cost and cost of parts.

Be curious about who is going to do the work. – If you talk with a plumber, either on the phone or when he visits your place, ask him who will work. Nobody is ready to take the risk and let some plumber with less experience and training do the job.

Ask about his license. It’s necessary to have a plumber who has gone through all necessary tests to obtain a plumber’s license. You may even ask him to show the evidence of that license. Some plumbers may have a license but not enough experience, and that should reflect in the smaller price of their plumbing work than of their older and much-experienced colleagues..

Talk about his rate. Ask your future plumber if his rate is fixed or an hourly. It is crucial to know that before the start of the plumbing work. For those who have an hourly rate, ask how much time they need, according to their experience, to finish the repairs.

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